You still have to keep Grandma happy!

You want your wedding shot in an unposed and documentary style, and you want everything and everyone to be as natural as possible in your photos?

Great, so do we. But have you told Grandma?

As candid and natural as we want to keep the photography on the day, we also know from experience that many of your relatives are probably going to want a ‘nice’ photo of themselves with you.

So, what to do?

Well, you can instruct your photographer to shoot as they see fit to get your collection of candid and authentic feeling photos or you can compromise your vision for the wedding day just slightly in order to keep key family members happy. Your 3rd cousin’s friend from Bendigo doesn’t really need an individual professionally taken shot (they can do that with their own point and shoot camera) but Pops and Grandma should really get their moment with you formally captured.

Same goes with parents and siblings – your folks are going to want one for the mantelpiece. Don’t forget, this one is going to hang around so it’s best to make it a good one!

I often get asked about this kind of thing and the politics of keeping everyone happy with photography.
Whilst I would prefer to shoot in a solely documentary style at a wedding, I realise it’s not an option for everyone so I usually tell people that I think it’s worth grabbing some shots with the key family members immediately after the ceremony. That way you can move onto the reception safe in the knowledge that nobody is feeling snubbed or overlooked.

Sure, it’s not quite the 100% documentary style you envisaged for your wedding but these posed or formal images don’t have to find their way into your album. The rest of the photography can be all about you and how you want it to be shot.
Look upon it as a thank you to them for all the years of unconditional love and support – it’s a small but important gesture.