How do I describe my style?

I was completing a questionnaire from a student photographer recently and became slightly stuck on one particular question.

How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

I thought for a bit and then started listing words like casual, candid, relaxed, natural etc.

Whilst they are all applicable and I’ve certainly used them all in the past, with 3 of them are currently listed on my business card, I didn’t feel like they really described what I try to do when I’m photographing a wedding.

Then I remembered this shot that I took in London before relocating to Melbourne – please excuse the quality, but the original is MIA. Probably in a very safe place…

It doesn’t exactly describe what I wanted to say, but it gives a good idea of the way I go about things and what I’m thinking when I’m behind the camera at a wedding.  So if you’ve seen me poking around as if I’m looking for something when I’ve been working – it’s probably because I’ve been trying to ‘find’ a photo!

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