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Now accepting Bitcoin as payment for wedding photography

If you’re tech savvy or work in the financial sector then you’ll almost definitely heard of Bitcoin, and even if you don’t fall into those categories you may have even seen the Bitcoin kiosk at Melbourne Central without realising what it is.  For the uninitiated :

Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet.

So, there you have it, we’re all up to speed.  In one way it still confuses me and I’d still like something tangible in my physical wallet, but on the other I can see how it’s going to be a large part of the financial future.

And with that information under your digital belt you may like to know that Wedding Snapper is the first wedding photographer in Australia to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in return for wedding photography services. Naturally, the usual forms of payment are still accepted, including direct deposit, credit card and Paypal.

When it comes to wedding photography packages and prices, we are mid range in the field, starting off at around the $2000 mark, and increasing depending on the level of coverage required and size of prints, albums etc.  One of our most popular packages is the USB of high resolution photos so couples can print their own albums or books without incurring extra significant cost.

So, the prices work for you?  How about you click here to read what our previous clients have said about our relaxed, candid and fuss free approach to their wedding photography in Melbourne and Yarra Valley.

Click here to find out more about paying for your wedding with Bitcoin.

Ring details

It’s usually the bride’s engagement or wedding ring that gets all the attention, but at Sally & Paul’s recent wedding there was something very special about both their wedding bands.

With the ring on the finger you wouldn’t notice anything but, inscribed on the insides of each ring were a few words, special to the couple.

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I’ve seen it a few times now at Melbourne weddings, and I think it really adds something to the ring without creating a distraction. The wedding date is also becoming a popular inscription to use.

Looking for a relaxed and affordable wedding photographer in Melbourne? Look no further! Pick up the dog and bone and dial 0450 586 561 or drop me a line here.

Pim, Chris and Paper Cranes

I’m currently archiving my weddings from last season and revisiting each wedding as I do so to enjoy them with a fresh pair of eyes.

So, onto the wedding of Pim & Chris in Walkerville. The things that really stick in my mind, aren’t the lovely, relaxed and warm people that they are, or the beautiful setting overlooking Wilsons Promontory, or even the raucous dancing and acrobatics that went on late into the night.
What has really stayed with me, is the effort the couple went to with decorations and flowers – all mostly handmade, or picked from neighbours gardens.
Hundreds upon hundreds of paper cranes were folded by Pim over the months leading up to the wedding and adorned every small perch or hanging space in the marquee – such a lovely idea!

Detail shots outweigh shots of the bride and groom on this one, but I think they deserve the attention with so much effort going into them!

Last updated by candid wedding photographer Simon Woodcock


I always love to hear what couples have to say about their wedding photography experiences with me, so was pleased to see Grant & Kana’s review of their Portsea Hotel wedding pop up on Google yesterday:

Both my wife and I can’t recommend Simon highly enough. He is a lovely guy and an exceptionally talented photographer. We’re absolutely over the moon with the quality and range of shots. He totally understood what we were wanting from the get-go and far exceeded our high expectations on the day and final product. We’ve received some wonderful feedback from our friends and family, even a few recently married are asking where on earth we found him? Overall delighted and would happily recommend and have in a heart beat. Look no further for brilliance and an unobtrusive professionalism. 10/10.

I’ll post some photos of their lovely Portsea Hotel wedding soon.

Steph & Lon

I’ve been meaning to share a photo from Steph & Lon’s city wedding for ages. Sorry for the delay guys, but it’s just in time for your three and a half month anniversary! Yes, that popular milestone…

wedding photos melbourne

I’ll dig out a couple more shots in time for the increasingly popular 7 month anniversary – maybe some featuring more than just Lon’s tie and chin!

Last updated by relaxed wedding photographer Simon Woodcock

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Sally & Paul

It was my pleasure to photograph Sally & Paul’s wedding late last year at Melbourne Grammar, which was then followed up by a relaxed (and delicious!) reception at Comme in the city.

They left me a review over on TrueLocal today, but to save you the walk I’m posting it here:

We had the pleasure of having Simon involved in our big day in December 2012. He was everything that we wanted in a photographer, very easy to deal with and unobtrusive during both the ceremony and reception. We’re delighted with the results which were a great blend of shots. We’d recommend him to our best friends.


Last updated by candid Melbourne wedding photographer Simon Woodcock

Joyce & Ibrahim

The lovely Joyce & Ibrahim don’t particularly enjoy posing for a photo but we didn’t let that deter us when we wandered the city for some candid and relaxed photos before their surprise* wedding earlier this year – here are just a few of them. I’ll add a few more to the Facebook page so head on over there for a squizz!

The hand made (by Joyce) details are really exceptional – the bouquet, place names, gifts of cufflinks for the male guests. You name it, Joyce had thought of it!

If you need some really excellent details made for your wedding, get in touch – I’ve got Joyce on standby!

*In case you’re wondering, the wedding was a surprise for the guests, not for Joyce & Ibrahim!

Last updated by relaxed Melbourne wedding photographer Simon Woodcock

Details details

To tell the complete story of a wedding with photography your Melbourne wedding photographer should really endeavour to include some detail shots from the day.

These could include flowers, jewellery, details on the dress or notes between the bride and groom. Often, I find the father of the brides, bride’s or groom’s speech will have a lovely little detail that gives us a flavour of the speech or a hint at what was said during the ceremony without giving too much away.

Invariably, the last minute or hand written speeches are the best as they are works in progress and amongst the scrawl, you get a lovely word or two just standing out amongst the biro chaos. I have to say, it’s more common with the groom’s speech, but you had already probably guessed that!

Wedding photographer melbourne

Simon Woodcock is a Melbourne based Wedding Photographer with a relaxed and candid style of photography, and avoids all weddings involving a pink Hummer!

A little flutter?

Advisory note – this post is only loosely connected with wedding photography in Melbourne.

I love Australian weddings, with their relaxed make-it-your-own kind of style and ceremonies just about anywhere, but I have to say, there is just one little tradition that I miss from the UK that doesn’t seem to have been adopted here. It’s something I’m surprised hasn’t taken off, because this country doesn’t mind a bet or two!

In the UK during the reception when the bridal party, groom and father of the bride are starting to think about launching into their speeches, a pint glass is to be found circulating the room filled with pound coins (or £5 notes if it’s a fancy wedding!) and a sheet of paper covered in names and scribbles.
In exchange for your ‘donation’ to the pot, you get the chance to accurately predict either the length of the groom’s speech or the length of the speeches overall. The person with the closest guess wins the pot. Simple.

wedding photographer melbourne

Whilst I’m not encouraging anyone to gamble, it’s often good fun and is always gets the guests talking and don’t forget the best advice about gambling folks – only bet what you can afford to lose!

Candid and Natural Wedding Photographer Simon Woodcock is still waiting to win!

Luminare, South Melbourne

It was a pleasure to photograph Libby & Pete’s wedding reception at South Melbourne’s hippest venue, Luminare. It was my first visit and I have to say, it’s pretty swish!

Neither the entrance, along a narrow high walled lane or the ride in an industrial sized elevator prepare you for the epic views from the contemporary loft style setting which really make an impact when the elevator doors open into the venue. Managed by the Big Group, who are well known for their hospitality on the Melbourne scene, the food and service were both top notch!

I love the fact that it also shares the name of one of my favourite venues in London (now sadly closed) which was the complete antithesis of this impressive space – dark, dingy, windowless and jam packed with music fans listening to scuzzy guitar bands. Maybe it’s my age, but I’m starting to feel more at home in the Melbourne Luminaire type venues than those in the London style! I probably wouldn’t get chatting to Jarvis Cocker or Richard Hawley at this one though!

Anyway, enough of my rambling – here’s a quick snap from last night. Photos of the gorgeous couple to come soon.


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