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Redwood Forest, Warburton


One wedding photography location close to the Yarra Valley that has become increasingly popular of late, is the Redwood Forest in Warburton.

Planted sometime around 1930, this grid formation plantation of over 200 trees was to be something of an experiment to test how this particular tree would grow in the area. From what I hear, the experiment is still active.

As you enter the forest, sound becomes muffled and everything feels a little calmer. There are just a few bird calls, and if you’re lucky enough to be there on your own, it really is very peaceful. (Try visiting during the week if you want the place to yourself).

I recently spent the day with Tina & Thomas to shoot their pre-wedding photography whilst they were on a short holiday from Hong Kong and since we had the whole day to play with, we were able to squeeze in a trip to Warburton as well as many of the popular Melbourne wedding photography locations such as Flinders Street Station, graffiti covered laneways and Fitzroy Gardens.

The forest is a really enjoyable and calm place to work, with it’s soft light, great perspectives and huge trees. If we hadn’t had plans for photos at sunset at St Kilda Pier, we all would have been quite happy to hang out there and explore a for longer.

To reach the Redwood Forest from Melbourne/Healesville follow signs to Warburton. Once you have nearly passed through the town you’ll pass the epic wedding venue Projekt 3488 on your right hand side before heading towards East Warburton. Here it gets a bit sketchy, with there sometimes being a sign and sometimes not, so keep an eye out for an unsealed road that bears off to the left of the main road approximately 2km after Projekt 3488.  Keep in mind that the road is unsealed so please drive accordingly.  You’ll pass over a painted white trestle bridge before reaching a wider section of the road that is obviously used for parking.  Hop over or squeeze around the gate and voila!  If you’re wearing a wedding dress you’ll need some assistance and protection with the gate!  On a wet day, gumboots would be a sensible precaution.

If you’re planning a wedding in the Yarra Valley area and would like to use the Redwood Forest as a location for your wedding photography, I’d be pleased to discuss it with you as there are some great opportunities for photos at any time of day.

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Samuel & Marianne

Here are a few frames from Samuel & Marianne’s recent wedding reception at Projekt 3488 in Warburton, Yarra Valley.

While the weather wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for and the rain didn’t allow us to get any of the wedding photography session shot in the Sequoia Forest near Warburton , the stormy skies gave us something to play with in front of the huge roller doors that lead onto the enormous deck and native garden at the venue.


Samuel & Marianne found me after searching for a Melbourne wedding photographer who could offer them relaxed and candid wedding photography at the church in Melbourne, followed by relaxed and natural wedding photography afterwards.  I’ll post some photos from the church too, as the kids were a delight and I’ve got some really cheeky snaps of them enjoying themselves!

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Projekt 3488, Warburton

Every once in a while I come across a Yarra Valley wedding venue that leaves me truly excited, and last weekend was one of those occasions.

Most of the time, wedding venues perform their job without fuss – they have a roof, food and drinks are served, there is dancing, everyone has a lovely time and goes home without giving too much thought to the four walls that were holding the roof up.  Last weekend changed all that and every venue I visit from now on is going to be compared to this little beauty that I’m about to introduce you to.

Projekt 3488 is located in the mountains of Warburton in the Yarra Valley (close to Yarra Junction and Mount Donna Buang) and approximately 70km from Melbourne CBD.

Originally a Masonic Hall, this magnificent building has been reimagined with such style and originality that you’re instantly charmed and awestruck by it.  This is no quick renovation done to make a few dollars, this is a labour of love that has been carefully considered and arranged as both a living and function space by the designer Mark Fenech.


Photo: Rick Liston

The ground floor hall features enormous timber dining tables suspended via scissor lift mechanisms at either end, enabling both tables and bench seating to be moved with ease between the centre and the sides of the room to create bleacher style seating at the side and a dancefloor through the middle of the hall.

The loft above the main hall features a huge suspended circular fireplace and a 12 metre high lighting sculpture which straddles the cast iron atrium between the two levels.

An enormous pair of wooden barn style roller doors separate the loft area from the native garden and deck but once open, almost double the space available for entertaining. The stunning garden, lovingly planted out with natives and a fantastic boardwalk are the makings of a great wedding photography session and this garden is a gift to wedding photographers that will just keep on giving!

The vast desk overlooking the extensive garden and mountains beyond is large enough and ideally suited for a marriage ceremony.  Drinks and canapes on the deck following the ceremony seems like a natural transition between the legal stuff and the dancing, and is also a great way to relish the spectacular view before it gets dark.  Fear not, drinks are never far away as there is an open bar area on the deck so you’ll never get thirsty!  Whilst we’re on the subject of food and drink, the service is impeccable, friendly and the food is truly excellent – delicious and plentiful!

Attention all mediocre wedding venues – the bar has just been raised! Visit the Projekt3488 website to book your wedding or event.

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Yes, I love the Yarra Valley too!

As much as I love working in and around Melbourne, I also really love getting out to the Yarra Valley for weddings.

Perhaps it’s because it feels far removed from Melbourne and creates the feeling that you’re on a day out or a little holiday from the city. Maybe those rolling hills and vine upon vine for long stretches gets you thinking about wine early in the day?! That always relaxes me!

With some world class dining and views across the valley, life always feels pretty good up there! One of my favourite spots for a wedding is Yering Station.  Partly because of the fantastic food, famous wines and the famous five star service, but also because of the uninterrupted views from the floor to ceiling windows in the restaurant. It’s also great for wedding photography, with plenty of rustic as well as modern looking options around the grounds.  Plus, I can land my helicopter on the grounds…

Amongst the other venues and restaurants I enjoy working at, Stones of the Yarra Valley always stands out for it’s attention to detail and picture postcard views. Again, an absolute winner for photography and the chapel is a really great space for photos both during the marriage ceremony and after. The Barn is a nice addition to and has been styled really well. Obviously, if you’ve been there you’ll know that there are loads of options there so I won’t go on about it here as this is more about the wider Yarra Valley area.

Zonzo at TrainTrak winery flies under the radar a little as it’s tucked away and is known best for it’s simple but brilliant Italian food.  Pizzas you’ll just want to keep eating even if you’re ready to burst and their endless food service at wedding receptions is something to behold!

The estate at Train Trak winery boats some of the best views in the valley and has some really nice options for wedding photos, including the barn and a disused railway line. Also, because it’s not just a wedding venue and is a restaurant in it’s own right it never feels too weddingy, and more like a jolly good feed and knees up at a great restaurant.  No seat covers or sashes in sight!

Please do feel free to get in touch if you’d like to chat about your wedding photography in the Yarra Valley, or indeed if you’d like some feedback on any of the wedding venues in the Yarra Valley that I have worked at previously. I have mainly good stories, but there are a couple of stinkers out there that don’t deserve anyone’s patronage, least of all yours!

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Wedding florists in the Yarra Valley

I get to see plenty of wedding bouquets and arrangements in my line of work so have seen all the types, ranging from the wilted all the way to the extraordinary.

Another florist to add to my list of recommended wedding suppliers in the Yarra Valley is Sugar Bee Flowers, based in Coldstream.

I was fortunate enough to photograph Carly & Kaz’ wedding at Yering Station in March and one of the things that really caught my eye on the day (great wedding venue and stunning couple aside!) were the flowers and the way they were presented and positioned around the venue.

Youki from Sugar Bee had used simple, beautiful flowers that were often displayed in unique and understated ways such as hanging from tree branches to just gently blow in the wind during the ceremony.

Wedding Photographers Yarra ValleyWedding Photographers Yarra ValleyWedding Photographers Yarra ValleyWedding Photographers Yarra ValleyWedding Photographers Yarra ValleyWedding Photographers Yarra Valley

I’m hoping that the next Yarra Valley wedding I book, Sugar Bee are the florists as I’d love to see what else they come up with – great job Youki!

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The Enduring Popularity of the Yarra Valley for Wedding Photography

Looking for a magical wedding destination near Melbourne? Look no further than the Yarra Valley, a gorgeous natural setting that boasts some of the most dramatic backdrops for truly affective wedding photographs. Lush rainforests give way to expansive and romantic vineyards. Jagged mountains loom in the background of beautifully manicured gardens. Whatever your wedding preferences may be, the Yarra Valley has something to excite brides, grooms and photographers.

The Parks and Gardens of the Yarra and Dandenong Ranges
Seasonal explosions of colour distinguish the parks of Yarra from any other setting in Melbourne. The area’s myriad blooms provide vibrant and poetic images for the wedding photographer. Here, you can have your choice of a rugged forest versus the harmony of a carefully-tended garden. The North Rhododendron Gardens are particularly spectacular, and feature azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and daffodils.

The RJ Hamer Arboretum provides some verdant, shady respite from the sun, in a quiet alcove of leafy deciduous trees. The Alfred Nicholas Gardens, on the other hand, boast bubbling waterfalls that make for enchanting wedding photographs.
The William Ricketts Sanctuary, on the other hand, has a Secret Garden-type of mystery, with beautiful clay sculptures nestled in beds of overhanging fern.

Do you want your wedding pictures to have a bit of romantic European flair? Consider the rolling wine lands of the Yarra Valley. Here, your photographs will capture endless rows of bright green vines, all heavy with the grape. You’ll also have the chance to capture unforgettable images of a world trapped in time. Imagine old Victorian wineries, ancient cellars, and rambling, rustic estate houses. This is a unique destination that also features some of the most impressive restaurants in the region.

Yarra Ranges
If you’re keen for something a little more dramatic, why not head for the mountains? The Yarra Ranges keep providing photographers with some of the most impressive mountain vistas in the country. The pathways in the ranges, however, consist of deep-green rainforest: perfect for photos that really celebrate nature. Look to the Mt. Donna Buang Rainforest and the Beeches Rainforest on Lady Talbot Forest Drive.

If you want some truly extraordinary pictures to remember your wedding by, then head to the Yarra Valley. It has been inspiring wedding photographers for years, and will continue to do so for years to come.

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Gill & Ross’ wedding at Sticks Winery, Yarra Valley

When Gill & Ross booked me in for their Yarra Valley wedding photography I knew were pretty relaxed, but they proved exactly how laid back they really are during our photo session near Yarra Glen when I had them clambering over barbed wire AND electric fences!

Some brides wearing a Mariana Hardwick wedding dress and hovering over the barbed wire whilst her new husband disconnected the power would tell me to get stuffed and find a new location for photos, but these two adventurers took it all in their stride.
As Ross pointed out in his speech, it wasn’t the most traditional wedding photography session, but it was “very Ross & Gill!”.

Maybe they were so calm because they knew they would shortly be returning from this OH&S nightmare, back to their reception venue at Sticks winery, where they knew there would be a crowd of their closest friends and family from around the world enjoying some cracking wines and fantastic food?

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Wedding venues and fine dining in the Yarra Valley!

If you’re in the the Yarra Valley this weekend researching wedding photographers or venues, there is a brand new new food and wine festival, which would be the perfect way to explore the area and sample some of the fabulous wedding venues and fine dining on offer in the region.

The festival opens on Thursday April 26, 2012 with a Degustation Dinner at Stones of the Yarra Valley where diners can enjoy a five course degustation dinner in the historic Barn Restaurant. Using the region’s freshest seasonal produce, this is a collaboration between some of the Yarra Valley’s finest chefs.

Saturday has a multitude of events at venues across the valley, including DeBortoli‘s – check the website for full details.

The festival will end on Sunday April 29 with a Garden Party at the Healesville Racecourse. Here you’ll be able to sip local artisan beers and ales, sample local Yarra Valley cheese, celebrate award winning wines and take home fresh local produce – all to the sounds of a host of talented local musicians!