Projekt 3488, Warburton

Every once in a while I come across a Yarra Valley wedding venue that leaves me truly excited, and last weekend was one of those occasions.

Most of the time, wedding venues perform their job without fuss – they have a roof, food and drinks are served, there is dancing, everyone has a lovely time and goes home without giving too much thought to the four walls that were holding the roof up.  Last weekend changed all that and every venue I visit from now on is going to be compared to this little beauty that I’m about to introduce you to.

Projekt 3488 is located in the mountains of Warburton in the Yarra Valley (close to Yarra Junction and Mount Donna Buang) and approximately 70km from Melbourne CBD.

Originally a Masonic Hall, this magnificent building has been reimagined with such style and originality that you’re instantly charmed and awestruck by it.  This is no quick renovation done to make a few dollars, this is a labour of love that has been carefully considered and arranged as both a living and function space by the designer Mark Fenech.


Photo: Rick Liston

The ground floor hall features enormous timber dining tables suspended via scissor lift mechanisms at either end, enabling both tables and bench seating to be moved with ease between the centre and the sides of the room to create bleacher style seating at the side and a dancefloor through the middle of the hall.

The loft above the main hall features a huge suspended circular fireplace and a 12 metre high lighting sculpture which straddles the cast iron atrium between the two levels.

An enormous pair of wooden barn style roller doors separate the loft area from the native garden and deck but once open, almost double the space available for entertaining. The stunning garden, lovingly planted out with natives and a fantastic boardwalk are the makings of a great wedding photography session and this garden is a gift to wedding photographers that will just keep on giving!

The vast desk overlooking the extensive garden and mountains beyond is large enough and ideally suited for a marriage ceremony.  Drinks and canapes on the deck following the ceremony seems like a natural transition between the legal stuff and the dancing, and is also a great way to relish the spectacular view before it gets dark.  Fear not, drinks are never far away as there is an open bar area on the deck so you’ll never get thirsty!  Whilst we’re on the subject of food and drink, the service is impeccable, friendly and the food is truly excellent – delicious and plentiful!

Attention all mediocre wedding venues – the bar has just been raised! Visit the Projekt3488 website to book your wedding or event.

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