Yes, I love the Yarra Valley too!

As much as I love working in and around Melbourne, I also really love getting out to the Yarra Valley for weddings.

Perhaps it’s because it feels far removed from Melbourne and creates the feeling that you’re on a day out or a little holiday from the city. Maybe those rolling hills and vine upon vine for long stretches gets you thinking about wine early in the day?! That always relaxes me!

With some world class dining and views across the valley, life always feels pretty good up there! One of my favourite spots for a wedding is Yering Station.  Partly because of the fantastic food, famous wines and the famous five star service, but also because of the uninterrupted views from the floor to ceiling windows in the restaurant. It’s also great for wedding photography, with plenty of rustic as well as modern looking options around the grounds.  Plus, I can land my helicopter on the grounds…

Amongst the other venues and restaurants I enjoy working at, Stones of the Yarra Valley always stands out for it’s attention to detail and picture postcard views. Again, an absolute winner for photography and the chapel is a really great space for photos both during the marriage ceremony and after. The Barn is a nice addition to and has been styled really well. Obviously, if you’ve been there you’ll know that there are loads of options there so I won’t go on about it here as this is more about the wider Yarra Valley area.

Zonzo at TrainTrak winery flies under the radar a little as it’s tucked away and is known best for it’s simple but brilliant Italian food.  Pizzas you’ll just want to keep eating even if you’re ready to burst and their endless food service at wedding receptions is something to behold!

The estate at Train Trak winery boats some of the best views in the valley and has some really nice options for wedding photos, including the barn and a disused railway line. Also, because it’s not just a wedding venue and is a restaurant in it’s own right it never feels too weddingy, and more like a jolly good feed and knees up at a great restaurant.  No seat covers or sashes in sight!

Please do feel free to get in touch if you’d like to chat about your wedding photography in the Yarra Valley, or indeed if you’d like some feedback on any of the wedding venues in the Yarra Valley that I have worked at previously. I have mainly good stories, but there are a couple of stinkers out there that don’t deserve anyone’s patronage, least of all yours!

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