Who are the best wedding photographers in the Yarra Valley?

I was asked by another photographer over lunch recently  –  ‘Who are the best wedding photographers in the Yarra Valley?

After I’d nearly choked on my arancini ball trying to tell him that it was yours truly, Wedding Snapper, I decided to try to answer his question in a professional and adult manner. For as much as I love the work that I produce in the Yarra Valley, there is also a huge amount of fantastic work created by my peers in this area.

I asked Google the same question and in the page of results for photographers these names (as well as my own!) appeared:

  • Michael Briggs
  • Rick Liston
  • Lionheart Photography
  • Perla
  • Immerse Photography
  • Nikki Blades
  • Passion8

While I’d love you to book Wedding Snapper to photograph your wedding, you may have received a link to this page as I’m already booked or have stumbled across this page in a search and just fancy checking out what is on offer.

I’ll tell you what I know about all the photographers/photography studios in the above list and you can do your own research from there.  Just because you find a photographer on page one of Google, it doesn’t mean they are the best.  It’s a bit like Dominos – google pizza and Dominos comes up first, but we all know there are some better local wood fired pizzas on offer elsewhere – like the ones at Zonzo!

Michael Briggs, or ‘Briggsy’ as he is affectionately known approximately everyone is one of those blokes who everyone loves – and it seems with good reason.  Affable and has a can-do attitude, plus takes beautiful photos with a natural and relaxed look.

Rick Liston is another popular chap, who is based in the Yarra Valley and receives plenty of popular feedback from his couples. Add in some lovely scenery with great photography skills and you’re onto a winner. His photos from weddings at Projekt 3488 in Warburton are always great.

Lionheart are one of the studios I have virtually zero info on.  I have never met them, and we don’t appear to have any mutual acquaintances.  From memory they were perhaps based in Queensland, but also travelled to the Yarra Valley for weddings.  Not sure – do your own research on these cats. If you have anything significant to report I’d be glad to hear it.

Perla are a Mornington Peninsula wedding photography studio and only have the photos I’ve seen on Instagram to go on, which offer a bright, happy and relaxed vibe.  I like what I see!

Immerse Photography (not to be confused with the Yarra Valley wedding venue) have been around a fair while and seem to know their onions, so to speak. Their work always looks consistent and well lit. Reviews seem to be good too.

Nikki Blades is a new name to me.  From a little poking around on the website it seems that she/the studio offer wedding photography packages all over Australia.  This leads me to think that it’s not a single photographer or a small pool of photographers but that they have someone in each area that shoots for them or that they travel regularly.  They don’t mind using the old ‘Dutch tilt’ – check out the photos on the website and you’ll see what I mean.

Joanne Keighery is based in Geelong but photographs weddings in Melbourne and the Yarra Valley too.

Passion8 have been around for probably 20 years, with Andrew and his team seen as a safe pair of hands in the wedding photography world.  They shoot nice work and have a consistent look to their photography.  I’ve never heard of any complaints!  Prices seem to be a little lower than some others in the list. Sweet!

So, there you have it – a few thoughts on Yarra Valley wedding photographers that Google deemed to list on page one.  If you’re planning a wedding in the Yarra Valley region, I’d be delighted to chat with you.

As you can see from this article, I’m a pretty straight forward chap so I am happy to answer any questions, whether they’re photography related or simply about weddings in general. Happy planning!

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