Emily & Hugh

After much searching for a rustic wedding venue that they could completely take over for a day or two and put their own stamp on, Emily & Hugh finally came across a Scout camp near Lilydale. Although the site had never before been used for a wedding, it fitted the bill perfectly.

With a hire fee that was much lower than that of usual wedding venues in the Yarra Valley area, the venue was also available for a few days, so that friends and family could help decorate and camp over on the night of the wedding, which was a great idea.

In order to spend the most time with their guests, Emily and Hugh requested that we photograph most of their portraits prior to the ceremony. They also factored in a little time after the ceremony for a few too, which gave us a several different locations on the site to use, and meant that they got to join the party almost immediately.

With handmade bunting, homemade chocolate, outdoor games and a generally creative and inclusive vibe, the wedding was very warm and welcoming environment.

Throw some amazing food and The Wandering Woodsman caravan bar into the mix and you got the perfect wedding! Surrounded by forest and with clear skies, the night was also perfect for stargazing.

Before you ask, I honestly don’t remember why there was a kids horses head and holding a sword in one of the photos.  It probably seemed appropriate at the time!

We’re always keen to photograph weddings in rustic or country locations, so get in touch if you’d like to discuss your plans.