Redwood Forest, Warburton


One wedding photography location close to the Yarra Valley that has become increasingly popular of late, is the Redwood Forest in Warburton.

Planted sometime around 1930, this grid formation plantation of over 200 trees was to be something of an experiment to test how this particular tree would grow in the area. From what I hear, the experiment is still active.

As you enter the forest, sound becomes muffled and everything feels a little calmer. There are just a few bird calls, and if you’re lucky enough to be there on your own, it really is very peaceful. (Try visiting during the week if you want the place to yourself).

I recently spent the day with Tina & Thomas to shoot their pre-wedding photography whilst they were on a short holiday from Hong Kong and since we had the whole day to play with, we were able to squeeze in a trip to Warburton as well as many of the popular Melbourne wedding photography locations such as Flinders Street Station, graffiti covered laneways and Fitzroy Gardens.

The forest is a really enjoyable and calm place to work, with it’s soft light, great perspectives and huge trees. If we hadn’t had plans for photos at sunset at St Kilda Pier, we all would have been quite happy to hang out there and explore a for longer.

To reach the Redwood Forest from Melbourne/Healesville follow signs to Warburton. Once you have nearly passed through the town you’ll pass the epic wedding venue Projekt 3488 on your right hand side before heading towards East Warburton. Here it gets a bit sketchy, with there sometimes being a sign and sometimes not, so keep an eye out for an unsealed road that bears off to the left of the main road approximately 2km after Projekt 3488.  Keep in mind that the road is unsealed so please drive accordingly.  You’ll pass over a painted white trestle bridge before reaching a wider section of the road that is obviously used for parking.  Hop over or squeeze around the gate and voila!  If you’re wearing a wedding dress you’ll need some assistance and protection with the gate!  On a wet day, gumboots would be a sensible precaution.

If you’re planning a wedding in the Yarra Valley area and would like to use the Redwood Forest as a location for your wedding photography, I’d be pleased to discuss it with you as there are some great opportunities for photos at any time of day.

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