Shien & Dec, Red Hill Estate Wedding

As regular visitors would know, I’m not afraid of a smelly cheese!   When I lived in London my French neighbours owned (the now legendary) Tupperware container (the size of which could house a small child) that was always brought out after dinner.  The pungent waft from this plastic warehouse was like nothing London had ever experienced – this was cheese from across the English Channel and I’m pretty sure it had never known refrigeration.  Whiff aside, the taste was sensational and whenever anyone mentions they’re having a cheesetower instead of a wedding cake, I get a little warm glow and think of how much my London Frenchies would enjoy it.

I only mention the cheese because when I met Shien & Dec following a recommendation from a friend of theirs that I had previously photographed, Shien revealed that she had coincidentally bookmarked my website having stumbled across it whilst researching cheese towers.  The stars were aligning!

Shien & Dec held their ceremony at the beautiful Red Hill Estate with the reception following on at the always excellent Max’s Restaurant on the property.  A great choice of location that showed off the lovely scenery of the Mornington Peninsula to their local and international guests.

Shien & Dec requested candid and relaxed photos for their day and here are a few from our session immediately after the ceremony in Red Hill.


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As a side note, I’m pleased to report that their cheesetower looked and smelled fantastic!

cheese tower photo

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