Hayley & Andrew

Weddings on private properties are always awesome. Weddings on private properties on tops of hills in Gippsland are even more awesome than that!

Not only did Hayley and Andrew have the stunning backdrop you can see in the photos below (and that seem to be everywhere you look in Gippsland) but since the wedding was on private property they could please themselves in terms of the schedule, meaning we could take a stroll in the long grass as the sun set.  That’s not easy to do when hosting at a wedding venue as they often have strict schedules they like adhere to, and they don’t usually like the photography getting in the way of that!

With photos out of the way and the sun setting, Hayley and Andrew rejoined their guests for dancing under the stars.

If you’re planning a wedding in Gippsland or on the Mornington Peninsula, I’d be pleased to have a chat about your wedding photography plans. It’s such a beautiful place to work and weddings there really do have a special feel to them which makes photographing them an absolute pleasure.