Weddings at Montsalvat

Hidden away in the hills of Eltham on the outskirts of Melbourne, Montsalvat is a gem which surprises and delights in equal measure.

Visitors and residents alike find pleasure and peace in the lovingly tended gardens in Montsalvat, enjoy exhibitions, its hospitality and restaurant, and marvel at its buildings that evoke European past while exemplifying an Australian trait of architectural inventiveness and recycling.

Justus Jorgensen, the artist-founder of Montsalvat, took his inspiration from France’s villages, yet the Montsalvat he built with the artist families and friends, notably the talented Skipper family, is made from stone and clay of the beautiful Eltham hillside and were pieced together with other remnants of the architectural heritage of Australia. Look through the bigger bay window in Upper Gallery and you will learn that this once graced the Victorian Insurance Building.

What It’s Like to be Wed in Montsalvat?

Montsalvat brings to life the rustic Europe in Australia, nestled in the lush gardens and offering a story-book background of limitless potential for each of your guests. You can also be certain you will not find anything else like it.

Weddings at Montsalvat will be free from any hassles with the ceremony and reception both held all on site in different parts of the venue, which is sure to impress your guests. Montsalvat may cater for lively or intimate weddings with a reception available for a maximum of 130 guests in the Great Hall or you may enjoy a cocktail style under the stars beside the Ornamental Pool for a maximum of 200 guests.

With the packages that range from the sumptuous feast served from their kitchen or to the table, timeless three-course lavish Canapes or Classic Dining, you can guarantee that your wedding is in the best of the hands.  The venue is also fantastic for wedding photography with plenty of nooks and crannies, greenery as well as the apex ceiling and vast windows of the attic space. There are many reasons that Melbourne wedding photographers love working at Montsalvat, with the scenery and general ambience of the place helping to produce natural a stunning set of wedding photos.

Montsalvat – More Than Just a Place for Weddings

While they guard the privacy of their artists and give the silence and space necessary for them to work, the visitors may find what they make in their gallery spaces and around the extensive grounds of Montsalvat. In the corner of the walled garden, you may come across the bulb-like form of glass that emerges from the grass.

In Barn Gallery, you’ll find a cabinet with exquisite jewellery made by one of the talented Montsalvat residents. The sculptures of Matchan Skipper will greet you from the top of the pillars and his monumental ironworks will surprise you on ceilings and walls. The faces of the Montsalvat artists are carved into the bosses in Bluestone Chapel and music from the instruments made at the Montsalvat echoes around the grounds.

Montsalvat welcomes visitors outside of private events, and it’s well worth a stroll around this unique property, especially if you’re considering it as a venue for your wedding.

Catering and hospitality services are available through their expert events team and their friendly courtyard garden and restaurant is also worth a visit. 

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